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Final Fantasy XIV on Nintendo Switch May Become Its First Major MMO Game

Le 20 juin 2018, 09:22 dans Humeurs 0

Final Fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG), Square Enix and publisher is also the developer of this series, Nintendo Switch, Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) has extensive popular multiplayer online (MMO).

Yoshida Naoki, producer of FFXIV, talks about the latest content of the game VGR and the game's outlook for Nintendo's mobile game consoles.


"He pointed out that they want to play as much as possible," he said. Mr. Yoshida is discussing whether Microsoft, Sony, and all Nintendo publishers will perform Xbox One and Switch cross playback between PC and PS4. ASAP.


If Square Enix is ​​open and the negotiations with Nintendo are positive, then the largest MMO of our generation of MMOs will be playing on the switch console.


Since the Square Enix fantasy franchise Dragon Quest X MMORPG is available in Japanese switches, the console already supports these games.


When Nintendo's paid online service started in September this year, placing the second-largest MMO on the switch console next to World of Warcraft could be a major victory for the platform. Nintendo released such titles as Fortomite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this year, and we are already working hard to strengthen the preparation of online games.


But Nintendo needs more multiplayer games to allow players to pay for the ability to play games online - this will be Nintendo's first attempt - especially time.


As the player's second-largest MMO game (welcome to our ssegold co.,ltd site FF14 Gil) you can join your friends on PC and Xbox One, a results-based huge Final Fantasy franchise, for an online service that makes Nintendo switch commensurate.

FFXIV preparatory quests to the new strain of the namazuo guide for patch 4.3

Le 31 mai 2018, 11:11 dans Humeurs 0

On May 22, 2018, the patch will be shown, Final Fantasy XIV 4.3. And, as far as we know, this patch introduced a new barbarian tribe Namazuo. So, from the direct loss of text on Tuesday, you need to prepare yourself and complete the task of accepting the new Wild Stock Quest line in the video where you can easily learn. Thank you for providing information to GigaTobi.

part 1:


- Starting from the Fukushima Wolf Sheep began to seek a series of completions under the command of X:30.9 Y:17.8 to unlock Namai's weapons.


- All subsequent tasks in this series will be awarded by Yanxia X Fukushima: 30.9 Y: 17.8.


part 2:


- Yu Xia X: 30.4 Y: 18.4 Completed Ochimi's Blossom Beauty's pursuit and released the "smallest dealer's biggest" pursuit.


- Under the armpit X in the pursuit of small traders through Gyorin quite complete series of tasks: 32.3 will begin to unlock Namai weapons: 15.5 Y.


- All subsequent tasks in this series will be awarded by Gyorin of Yanxia X: 16.7 Y: 31.2.


15.0 Y: 31.7 Unlock "For Namai Weapons" - Complete the fatal misunderstanding of Yu Zhou to pursue X.


29.3 Y: If you completed the previous task, you can find the weapon Namai (SSEGold FFXIV Gil is a place many players would choose to believe) in the pursuit of NPC Kurobana in His Majesty X 17.5

World of Warcraft old melody and new melody

Le 8 mai 2018, 12:19 dans Humeurs 0

Engineers and Blizzard's designers in law retired last year but did not see temporary sound quality. Still old and new songs, and placed a sound effect to entertain us (people do not open it has become the norm), over time, to complete, we already know that to maintain quality I will decide whether or not. In addition, if you have a voice, you need to remember that the number of Hangman tasks is also increasing. There are several mission-critical threads that do not contain good sound conversations.

Of course, all experienced Warcraft players know that content is much more important than the outside world. At this time, it is difficult to know where the numbers appear, but game designers are proud of different character categories. For me, I'm not a master actor - most of my knowledge is limited to priests and fighters - but in the design department's experiments, those brave dreams are not close to completion. While the priest's arm has specifically invoked the best vanilla time, the change according to the shotgun - especially GONZO - will be further refined in order to provide a fun gaming experience. Shooters hunters, special love has received... There are quite a few classes even though not much use (or very kisúlyozatlan)... Now the team, the fantasies of the caste, further development seems to be starting to be strengthened by this person .

However, not only the castle but also the machine is spreading. Many talents and capabilities no longer exist, and new talents and capabilities are introduced. The artifacts disappeared, never hurt it's position ... Necklaces are not our weapon, but to strengthen vértezetünket, effective, because this additional miracle weapon, playing a similar role in the heart of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Medal called ( In the heart of Azeroth), you know that you have talked about setting up the game by setting up advanced weapons to provide the ultimate bonus development. Beta finally opened 120 levels and soon there was a copy of the string, so I could barely wait for the "pick up" handle. This extra heaven hurts because all the centers of life are suppressed, and everyone knows that it is important that a humble person should not be surprised.

Unfortunately, many new content - small-scale conflict expeditions on the most cutting-edge islands, in the maze of new Alliance species, as well as a significant part of the course - try but no chance because they are daily and now something new Sooner or later will be established and this will be completed. If you go so well, they don't have to be in a RAID for a lifetime. We once again destroyed an extra exciting new update in Hungary, because they didn't like his predecessors. There was news that the US Army engineers believe The amount will not be turned back to Ion Hazzikostas not long ago in our mysterious Pandaren, as it was roughly roughly Draneor, it was a year.

We look forward to promising supplements that will make you dream of early tremors. Of course, this is similar to what we learned in 14 years, so no one would expect a revolutionary change. However, fans can only say that Blizzard will not let this down, so give a new adder a chance.

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