Jump Potion has launched the Final Fantasy XIV Release and Patch 4.0 Stormblood Extension. When you use this new item, the player can immediately ascend to a level of 60, and you can skip a kingdom rebirth and (click ffxiv gil)Heavensward MSQ.


Potion can be selected in Final Fantasy 14 with three types, but can be purchased from Square Enix's Moggi Station.


In the first pick of pills, you can skip all the realm of rebirth of MSQ. This is a risky story: known as a realm of rebirth, is $ 18. Adventure Story II: You can skip all realm rebirth and Heavensward's MSQ's Heavensward. The price is $ 25. However, to continue this story, you will need to still need the level of class or work. In other words, even if all the Heavensward quests have been basically "done" and accept the first Stormboon quest, you must have a 60-level role.


This is because the class to be ranked(clcik https://www.ssegold.com/) in the third is. 60 level jump into the syrup, you can buy another jump syrup. For example, if you need Paladin 60, adventure story: journey I $ 25 Paladin 1. Because the syrup is used in all the wars of war / fantasy class, please choose what you want to play freely.