Now that they can do something to give up PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV:

Yoshida: The biggest challenge we face is to try to access the file's hardware to read IO, or ... some files [PS3] from the hardware, and then move faster than any other platform to slow down the memory. The device is over 10 years old.

Final Fantasy 14 will not be a problem if the player moves faster, for example, or some other NPC role is soft on other platforms. Since the file is very slow to read the speed, from such a different display on the screen. So this is always a hat, so we can adapt to the hardware function.

But now we are on this platform, no longer have bottlenecks, we can not improve usability. One example is the great position, and now you can go faster with 4.0 Stormblood.


Unavoidable Final Fantasy XV Cross:

Yoshida: The plan is moving forward. Final Fantasy XV team is over. We think that this figure is a considerable intersection. If we can get an intuitive reference, some graphics are, when we decide, we have to make sure that the official release can be used.


Final Fantasy X-box and Switch XIV:

Yoshida: I have talked many times and changed. We hope that many players in FFXIV(click ).

If you choose the latest FFXIV extension, Stormblood, you can see how much work you need to perform this task. In order for you to lend a helping hand, we Stormblood lists all the major operations. Some extensions do not include aspects of additional Roy operations. This should point out a lot, but it can be distracted from the mainline task line.).